Brunch &Light Bites


Smashed avocado and cream cheese bagel  £5.95

Bagel with cream cheese and cucumber £4.95

Scrambled egg and crème fraiche served on toast £5.95

Pate served with toasted bread and chutney£6.25

Soup of the day served with bread and butter £5.50

Prawn & Crayfish cocktail served with brown bread and butter£7.50

Beans on toast£4.50

Toast served with Jam, Marmalade or Peanut Butter£2.50

Toasted Tea Cake£2.50




Ham, selection of cheeses, chutney, apple, olives, sundried tomatoes,

coleslaw, accompanied with bread and butter. £8.95



Jacket potatoes £6.95

(served with salad, crisps and coleslaw)

•Tuna Cheese & Beans •Coleslaw •Cream cheese & cucumber

•Prawn & Crayfish (£7.50)


Sandwiches £5.95

(served with salad, crisps and coleslaw)

•Tuna Mayo

•Roasted Ham & Tomato  

•Cream Cheese & Cucumber

•Mature Cheddar & Onion

•Prawn & Crayfish

(Add any soup to a Sandwich for £2.00)


Hot Sandwiches

(served with salad, crisps and coleslaw)

•Steak, Red Onion & Chutney £9.50

•Tuna & Cheese Toastie £7.95

•Ham, Brie & Cranberry Toastie £7.95


Salads   £8.95

(All our salads are served on a bed of lettuce, onion, peppers, cucumber & tomatoes)

•Goats cheese, Beetroot Salad & Walnut Salad dressed with balsamic

•Prawn & Crayfish Salad served with marie rose sauce

•Tuna & Red Onion Salad served with sun blushed tomatoes, olives, dressed with balsamic



(served with freshly whipped double Cream or pouring cream) £2.95

•Jam & Buttercream

•Chocolate Orange

•Lemon Drizzle

•Coffee & Walnut

•Chocolate Fudge

•Carrot Cake



(served with Jam, Cream & Butter) £3.50



Chocolate Chip


•Turkish Delight





























Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea£2.50

Loose Leaf Earl Grey£2.50





Hot Chocolate with cream & marshmallows £2.95

Various Fruit Tea £2.20

Coke/Coke Zero£2.50

7up free£2.50

Fresh Apple/Orange Juice£2.20

Sparkling water£2.20


Open for Lunch

Wednesday - Saturday

11am – 4pm

Afternoon Tea £12.95


Lava Afternoon Tea for one person is served on a traditional tiered afternoon tea stand with a pot of tea or coffee. Please choose one from the following sections:



(Served with Crisps)

•Roasted ham & Tomato●

•Tuna Mayo●

•Mature cheddar & Onion●

•Cream Cheese & Cucumber



(served with Jam, Cream & Butter)

•Sultana● •Cherry • ●Chocolate Chip •Turkish Delight •Ginger



•Jam & Buttercream● •Chocolate Orange •●Lemon Drizzle

•Chocolate Fudge● •Carrot Cake● • Coffee & Walnut●


Take a look at our YouTube Channel to discover more about LAVA and the food we offer.